Our Staff

  • Italwear's has operated for over 30 years in the fashion and underwear industry, offering customers collections of leading Italian manufacturers, accompanied by special services. These include consulting, selection of product, and identification of lines best suited to particular domestic and international markets. We also assure quality control, and we store and group consignments.


    Our sales staff has detailed product knowledge and will provide all information you need. They will help you evaluate entire collections, exploring the advantages and strengths of each product. If you have specific needs, they will find products targeted to your market.


    Each customer is assigned a specialized team that understands customer needs and that can suggest ad hoc solutions. Our service is very personalized. Each customer has a single point of contact.


    Every customer has an account manager who works with that customer at all stages of our collaboration. Account managers are very important professionals within the company. They have the training and authorityto handle, dissect, and solve all customer problems. Also, the managers present buying opportunities.


    Our account managers are very close to senior management and their influence extends across all offices involved in making customers happy. When an account manager seeks co-operation in customer care from other Italwear's offices, the response is immediate. Managers arededicated to particular geographic areas so that they may better understand and interpret the needs of markets and customers. Whenever possible, our account managers are native speakers of, or are highly proficient in, the language of the market in question.  Communication in any of English, French, Spanish, or Russian is always assured.